Responsible, responsive governance. Concordia builds.

While Louisiana’s parish system of organization may sound exotic, the parish is merely a remnant of state’s French and Spanish history. In fact, parishes operate very much like the county systems of other states.  And while the parish reflects our deep historical roots, Louisiana’s vision is very much trained on tomorrow, with government that’s by the people, for the people and for prosperity for all.

Since its creation of a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana in 1993, the Concordia Economic and Industrial Development District (CEIDD) has successfully promoted and stimulated industrial development through innovative initiatives, and through seamless collaboration with other local governmental bodies. Our success is partially by design: The CEIDD’s governing board consists of eight members, four of which are the mayors of Concordia’s local communities—Ferriday, Clayton, Ridgecrest and Vidalia.

Backed by pro-growth policies and administration at the state level, Concordia’s local leadership and our responsible, responsive government are building a stronger future for our region.



Chamber Hears Goals for Economic Partnership

Aug 10, 2016

Vidalia, LA -- Economic development was the topic of conversation at the Concordia Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon Tuesday with past accomplishments and future goals…...
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Kennedy, State’s Rights and Vidalia

Jul 22, 2015

For the past several weeks, State Treasurer John Kennedy, chairman of the state Bond Commission, has used his authority as commission chairman to block Vidalia’s…...
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